Searching for a skincare routine for acne?

You’ve tried all the skincare products you can think of, you’ve handed over countless credit card details to companies who’ve promised you the clearest of skins. So far, nothing seems to have worked, and here you are still searching. It’s incredibly frustrating isn’t it? 

We know what having acne feels like

Our Co-Founder Eileen, having suffered with acne for over 15 years, is incredibly passionate about sharing the Sönd products with people who have lost hope and confidence in their skin, just like she had. 

"The main thing I struggled with when I had adult acne was my confidence."

I felt like every new person I met thought I was unhygienic or that I didn’t take care of myself properly. I never left the house without makeup and I was definitely not one to jump in a pool at a party in case my makeup would come off! Making sure my skin was covered up was more often than not, the number one thing on my mind at all times, for a very, very long time.’

"I resigned myself to the fact that I would only ever feel confident in my appearance with a full face of foundation on."

“By age 27, I had basically given up hoping my skin would ever be ‘clear’ and had resigned myself to the fact I would only ever feel confident in my appearance with a full face of foundation on. After handing over probably thousands of pounds in skincare creams and treatments since the age of 12, I had simply stopped searching for a solution. 


For about 4 or 5 years I had stuck to the same well known brand day cream, not because it actually helped my skin, but because it didn’t make my skin break out


By that stage, trying new skincare products had gotten too much for me - hoping they would work, breaking out, not being able to return them and being left with a hole in my pocket and more scars on my face. It felt utterly pointless. My friends loved all the hand me downs though!

Tackling the symptoms and not the cause

The issue with so many of the facial skincare creams that promise to alleviate the signs of acne, is just that, they only work on the ‘signs’ or the symptoms of acne. They aim to dry out spots and reduce the signs of scarring after the break outs have happened. 

But do you know why your breakouts are happening? Or what is going on under the surface of your skin that is causing spots to come to the surface? 

Our aim at Sönd is not only to provide you with products that improve the health of your skin, but also to help you to learn more about other factors that may be affecting your skin. 

This is how we help you to break the cycle of breakout - acne skincare cream - breakout. 


Our aim is to STOP the breakouts from happening in the first place, so you no longer need to spend time and money on ineffective skincare products. 


We don’t want you to feel desperate for a solution anymore, nor do we want to sign you up to complicated and expensive subscriptions that you struggle to get out of. 


We want you to enjoy healthier, happier skin. To feel confident that your skin is improving over time and that you get to a point where you no longer have to say ‘I suffer from acne’.

Find The Cause of Your Acne

Download our 20 page guide to holistic skincare to help you find and address the cause of your acne.

The skincare range that is taking a different approach

So what makes Sönd any different to all the other companies? Well first things first - we created products that are ‘alkaline’. 


At Sönd we believe in creating products that help our customers to have happier, healthier skin. By focusing on improving the health of skin, our products also improve the appearance of skin. 


This belief stems from years of research into skin cell health and a deep understanding of what it’s like personally to battle for years with bad acne. 

Most skincare brands on the market today promote products that are acidic. If this approach hasn’t worked for you, perhaps it’s time to try something new? Perhaps it’s time to try something that promotes alkalinity in the skin, helping skin to become healthier and stronger over over time. 

“My world changed when Markus (Founder of Sönd) introduced me to a cream that contained a groundbreaking ingredient on alkaline skincare. After trying the cream for 2 months my skin was glowing. For the first time in my life people I had just met were telling me I had ‘great skin’. I still find it so strange to hear that compliment!! 


That was all I needed for me to quit my job and join Markus in creating Sönd. I wanted others to feel the sense of freedom I finally felt with my skin, and it’s been my number one motivation every single day with Sönd ever since.”

We understand your concerns about buying skincare products before you have tried them. 

We even have a return policy that allows you to try our products for 30 days, and if they don’t work for you we will refund you in full, no questions asked. 

The skincare range that has changed lives

start your 6 week skin transformation

While you may see dramatic differences to your skin in a shorter space of time, we know that 6 weeks is when you'll really see the change in your skin. 

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Skincare for acne

Acne breakouts are not just a skin deep issues, it’s a little deeper than that. Hair follicles become blocked which leads to a buildup of excess oil. Harmless bacteria within the skin can contaminate and infect the plugged follicles causing acne breakouts. 


Alkalising your skin and gut will provide your skin with the perfect environment to combat free radicals and reduce inflammation. By alkalizing your body, your cells will have more energy to regenerate more efficiently. You will also have more hydrated skin because there is more oxygen within a liquid with a higher pH. This increased oxygen allows your cells to absorb more water.’ 


A gentle skincare routine is a key way of controlling acne. We would recommend a combined internal and external approach, including products and lifestyle changes.

skincare regime for acne prone skin

The skincare routine below is what we recommend is best for acne prone skin.

Clean Slate Cream Cleanser

Clogged pores are a feeding ground for bacteria to grow and cause blemishes to form. Maintaining a clean face helps control acne prone skin as it prevents bacteria from breeding. 


It’s recommended to cleanse your face twice a day when you wake up and before going to bed. Washing your face after waking up helps control excess oil that can get trapped in your hair follicles. Cleaning your face before going to bed will remove free radicals and pollution accumulated throughout the day allowing your skin to hydrate and prevent enlarged blocked pores. 


Use a gentle cleanser with soothing active ingredients like chamomile and marigold that won’t irritate your skin and strip your natural protective barrier as it may trigger breakouts. 


Avoid cleansing tools like scrubbers as it will rupture existing blemishing, cause acne scars and inflation. Instead carefully cleansing your face with your fingertips and lukewarm water. 


Cleanse face, neck and décolleté carefully twice a day.

Strength Training Serum

It’s important to keep your skin barrier protected and healthy. Research has shown that a compromised skin barrier can lead to skin conditions like acne. Applying a serum after cleansing will provide your skin with an extra layer of protection leaving your skin feeling fresh and protected. 


Find a serum with oil-absorbing ingredients like silica. Silica particles are sphere shape making it easier to absorb oil like a sponge. Providing a mattifying effect on your skin while preventing excess oil from clogging your pores. To manage already existing breakouts choose a serum with anti-inflammatory ingredients like moringa, pomegranate and vitamin E. 


Apply after cleansing on face, neck and décolleté and massage in carefully.

Sidekick Day Cream

When stacking skincare products make sure you allow your skin to absorb the serum before applying a moisturiser. Use a lightweight moisturiser that won’t trigger excess oil production and enable clogged pores. 


Be aware of moisturisers with exfoliating ingredients like, retinol, alpha hydroxy acid and salicylic acid as they can irritate your skin and worsen your skin condition. Rather look for moisturisers with humectants gentle to the skin like glycerin. 


Having dry, irritated, inflamed or sensitive skin can be caused by having a damaged skin barrier. Keep your skin barrier protected by using a moisturiser with Pentavitin. Look out for moisturisers with active ingredients like; moringa, pomegranate and vitamin E to help reduce the acne redness and inflammation. 


Apply after serum on face, neck and décolleté and massage in carefully.

Midnight Feast Night Cream

Acne sufferers have significantly low levels of antioxidants. A Low antioxidant defence system prevents the skin from fighting off free radicals, causing the skin to become inflamed. 


Applying antioxidant moisturisers at night with active ingredients like hemp seed oil provides better absorption. Replenishing at night time allows the skin to absorb nutrients better since the process goes un-interrupted without the interruption of free radicals. 


Try using alkaline moisturisers that will help obtain the most optimal skin pH. Cells thrive in an alkaline environment, with optimal defence against bacteria, regulate natural oil production and increase cell regeneration. 


Apply at night after cleansing on face, neck and décolleté and massage in carefully.