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Skincare For Ageing Skin

Skincare for Ageing Skin

Developing fine lines and wrinkles as we grow older is all part of the ageing process. But busy lifestyles and unhealthy habits can accelerate this process and lead to premature ageing.

Looking after our skin as we age means considering what we put onto our skin as much as what we put into our bodies. 

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Alkaline Skincare for Ageing Skin
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The Right Skincare System

Alkaline Skincare for Ageing Skin

Aside from the very top layer of our skin (which makes up just 1% of our total skin thickness) and is acidic, the rest of our skin is alkaline. The majority of skincare brands on the market make their products acidic.

This means that they only support the needs of 1% of our skin. Alkaline products support and nourish the skin deep down into the lower layers. So that’s why we developed our skincare products to be alkaline.

Our naturally alkaline unique silica salt blend helps to hydrate the skin, encourage healthy cell regeneration and boost the skin's natural defences. Which means that they’re ideally suited to helping to promote healthy, glowing and youthful skin!

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Even though ageing skin is inevitable, we don’t have to just sit back and let the wrinkles come if we don’t want them to. Learning how to support the needs of our skin as we grow older is important so that our skin gets the most from how we treat it, both on the inside and the outside.

Josie Walsh is an expert in skincare and offers one to one skincare consultations that help her clients understand how best to support their skin. If you’re interested in having a chat with Josie, pop your email address into the box below and we’ll be in touch.

Finding the Right Skincare

It’s never too early (or too late) to start taking more care of your skin. Whilst we can’t turn back the hands of time (and surgery and cosmetic procedures aren’t an option for the majority of us) we can still treat our skin right.

We developed our range of skin loving,  nourishing skincare products to respect the needs of all skin types. Whether your skin is well behaved or non conformist, the Sönd range will hydrate and support your skin whilst encouraging healthy skin cell renewal. Our fans  love what our products do for their skin. So why not join the Sönd skincare revolution?