Skincare for combination skin

Skin cells are able to regulate oil production more effectively when within an alkaline environment. 

Our products can be used on all areas of combination skin, without increasing or accentuating either the dryness or wetness of one particular region. They regulate the moisture in your skin, letting the balance between the T-zone and cheeks flow from a natural process from within.

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ALKALINE skincare benefits for combination SKIN

At Sönd, we believe that our bodies (and our cells) are healthiest in an alkaline state. Sönd's alkaline skincare products work to keep our skin cells in their natural pH range, where they can function at their best.

More hydrated

A higher pH means there is more oxygen within a liquid. This increased Oxygen allows our cells to absorb more water.

Regulate oil production

Healthy cells can regulate their oil production more effectively helping skin maintain your desired complection.

Healthier skin

Cells have more energy at a higher pH which allows them to regenerate more effectively producing fresher looking skin.

what does ALKALINE skincare mean?

The concept of Alkaline may sound confusing but its quite simple, Alkaline refers to the pH level. While most skin care products have a lower pH of around 5.5, our range of products have a pH of 7.3 which is just slightly higher than water which has a neutral pH of 7.

start your 6 week skin transformation

While you may see dramatic differences to your skin in a shorter space of time, we know that 6 weeks is when you'll really see the change in your skin. 

The Sönd products work best when used together. This is because most skincare today are acidic, and may disrupt the process of our products. 

With this in mind, we've created some great value packages (like the Day & Night Duo below), so that our customers can get the best results! 

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What is combination skin?

Combination skin occurs when the skin is out of balance; resulting in some areas feeling oily and others dry. Usually the cheeks and skin around the eyes is dry and may be flaky, while the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) is oily and may be spot prone. 

There may be a variety of reasons for combination skin developing, including genetics. It may also be affected by the skincare products you are currently using. If you are using products that irritate you it could cause an overproduction of oil in the T-zone and simultaneously create more dryness on the rest of the face resulting in combination skin. 

Establishing a good skincare regime that regulates the amount of moisture in your skin is key to caring for combination skin. 

Winter skincare for combination skin

As the colder months roll over, adjusting your skincare routine can be daunting. The lack of moisture in the air and the warm indoors can take a toll on your skin causing it to feel red, dehydrated, dry and uncomfortable. It's important to adjust your skincare routine for a richer more hydrating one. Nonetheless, while heavier moisturisers can leave your cheek area feeling hydrated, the same moisturisers can leave some other areas feeling greasy and clog your pores. 

Find a solution in lightweight products

Instead chose lightweight skincare products and layer them onto your skin for a winter protection that won't weigh down your skin. Try the lightweight Sönd Alkaline range of skincare products designed to be gentle on the skin while providing moisturising hydration. 


Start by cleansing your face with a gentle cleanser like Sönd Clean Slate Cream Cleanser. Massage gently a small amount onto your face and neck. With a warm damp cloth or warm water remove the cleanser. 


Apply toner, ideally look for Skin Tonics which contain up to 20% alcohol. Natural skin tonics are chamomile, green tea and orange flower water. 


Once the toner has been absorbed into the skin apply one pump of Sönd Strength Training Serum onto your fingertips and massage gently and evenly onto your skin. This will strengthen the natural barrier of your skin. 

Day Cream

Once the serum has been absorbing into the skin apply one pump of the Sönd Sidekick Day Cream with Shea Butter, pomegranate flower extract, silica and Pentavitin. The active ingredients will improve the skin’s barrier and fight off pollution. 

Night Cream

For your night skincare routine apply 1 or 2 pumps of Sönd Midnight Feast Night Cream onto your fingertips and massage evenly to your face and neck. The Organic Argan oil, coconut, hemp, and sunflower seed oil nourish, softens and plumps your skin while you sleep.