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Skincare for Dry Skin

Having dry skin means having skin that looks parched which may, in turn, make your skin appear aged and dull. Dry skin can also lead to peeling, flaking and itchy, irritated skin. This might make you feel embarrassed and want to cover up your skin to make it look and feel less dry.

The more products you add to your skin, the more you can become frustrated because they’re just not working. But we’re here to remind you that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Alkaline Skincare for Dry Skin

pH is a measure of how acidic or alkaline something is. You may remember using yellow litmus paper to test for the pH of liquids in science lessons at school. Our skin is naturally alkaline, but most skincare products, including those meant for dry skin, are acidic.

To us, this makes little sense. So we developed our own range of skincare products that contain a silica salt complex that’s naturally alkaline. They support the unique needs of dry skin, nourishing it from the deep within the lower layers, helping it to regenerate and produce hydrated, fresh new skin cells which allow our skin to glow.

Here it from our customers

We know what it feels like to have non conformist skin. How? Because we have skin that doesn’t play ball ourselves. We know the importance of getting our skincare right, which is why we developed the Sönd range of complete skincare.

We have thousands of skin happy customers that have discovered the power of Sönd alkalising skincare products. Will you become our next fan?