Skincare for dry skin

Supporting dry skin with an alkaline skincare routine will help increase the moisture within the skin. Within a higher pH, cells have more Oxygen allowing them to retain more moisture. 

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ALKALINE skincare benefits for dry SKIN

At Sönd, we believe that our bodies (and our cells) are healthiest in an alkaline state. Sönd's alkaline skincare products work to keep our skin cells in their natural pH range, where they can function at their best.

More hydrated

A higher pH means there is more oxygen within a liquid. This increased Oxygen allows our cells to absorb more water.

Glowing Skin

Cells with a higher pH have a higher negative charge, which improves blood flow and helps skin to glow.

Healthier skin

Cells have more energy at a higher pH which allows them to regenerate more effectively producing fresher looking skin.

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Strengthen Connective Tissue

To retain moisture it is important that your skin has strong connective tissue. Our day cream has Silica and Pentavitin which strengthen the natural skin barrier to help keep the deep moisturisation of the skin. 

Produce Natural Oils

A higher pH provides your cells with more energy, allowing them to better perform their required tasks including producing the required oils to retain moisture. 

Reduce Irritation

Dry skin can often feel irritated and itchy. Scratching the skin will irritate it further and weaken the skin barrier. Our products contain Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Moringa Oleifera, which are strong anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties which help soothe the skin.

what does ALKALINE skincare mean?

The concept of Alkaline may sound confusing but its quite simple, Alkaline refers to the pH level. While most skin care products have a lower pH of around 5.5, our range of products have a pH of 7.3 which is just slightly higher than water which has a neutral pH of 7.

start your 6 week skin transformation

While you may see dramatic differences to your skin in a shorter space of time, we know that 6 weeks is when you'll really see the change in your skin. 

The Sönd products work best when used together. This is because most skincare today are acidic, and may disrupt the process of our products. 

With this in mind, we've created some great value packages (like the Day & Night Duo below), so that our customers can get the best results! 

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Skincare for Dry Skin.

Dry skin on the face can be a lifelong concern or temporary skin condition caused by sun exposure, dry air, winds, stress and pollutants. In conjunction with dry skin the skin can become dehydrated, lacking water making your skin feel thirsty, developing thin lines on the surface of the skin, and skin tightness after cleansing. 

Dry skin produces little to none of the skin’s protective natural oils. This means that even if you consume large amounts of water the skin will still be dehydrated as it can’t retain the moisture. Although, dry skin is a genetic condition it can also develop as we age. Sebaceous glands slowdown production with age. This results in less oil which impacts the lipids barriers and can cause the skin to thin. 

Lipids play a big part in forming the protective skin barrier. If the protective barrier is compromised the skin becomes vulnerable to skin infections, flakiness, itchiness and dryness. A diet lacking essential fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6 means the skin is not getting the nutrients necessary for maintaining a protective barrier to hold moisture and thus developing dry skin.

Tips for Caring Dry Skin. 

  • Avoid hot water and use a gentle cleanser when you wash your face. Make sure you don’t use harsh soaps that strip your skin of its oils. 
  • Apply moisturiser, preferably using an oil-based moisturiser that will help restore the required oil levels within the skin. 
  • Using a humidifier during the cold moths will help your skin retain more moisture. 
  • Consume 70% to 80% of alkaline foods like avocado, olive oil, quinoa, amaranth, fruit, vegetable, nuts, seeds,and quinoa. Which are rich in antioxidants such as vitamins A, E, C, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial nutrients to a radiant hydrated skin. 
  • Do not scratch your skin. Scratching the skin will irritate and weaken the skin barrier further. Increasing the potential for moisture to be lost and external bacteria to cause infection. 
  • Dry skin can be managed by establishing a good skincare routine including regular cleansing and moisturising. Use moisturising products that will provide essential hydration, while locking moisture, beneficial for protecting your skin.

Sond products in your daily routine

Sönd’s Sidekick Day Cream can be applied as part of a regular care routine, directly after cleansing.  By replenishing essential moisture, the moisturiser is perfect for even the most sensitive of skin types and works to restore the skins radiance. Lightweight and immediately effective, the day cream is instantly absorbed and works by encouraging the skin to retain and regulate moisture and the effect is brighter and more radiant looking skin which feels softer to the touch, all by applying just a few simple drops. With continuous five star reviews from content customers, highlighting the positive effects of using the day cream on an ongoing basis, Sönd’s Sidekick Day Cream is the everyday essential in which the practical results speak for themselves. 

Keeping the face hydrated with Sönd’s Strength Training Serum

The benefits of keeping the face continually hydrated ensure an outwards appearance of good health, freshness and revitalisation. Hydration can keep signs of dry and flaky skin at bay, encouraging a more youthful appearance. When using cosmetics, a hydrated face is easier to apply make-up to as the skin is smoother and the make-up holds for longer and, as a result, it continues to look good throughout the day. 

Sönd’s Revitalising Face Serum can be applied either morning or night and immediately after cleansing for optimal results. Simple to use, only one or two drops are required per application and the serum can be followed straight away by a moisturiser. 

The serum works to improve the elasticity and firmness of the skin and in turn leaves it looking soft and smooth in appearance whilst reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The silica present in the serum replenishes the skin directly and the result is improved skin elasticity from the inside out. 

The overall effect is a smoother complexion with healthy revitalised looking skin. Suitable for all combination of skin types, Sönd’s Revitalising Face Serum ensures the skin is kept fresh and hydrated throughout the whole day of application and, with numerous five star reviews, it has become a must have item to use as part of an effective cleansing routine and a practical solution to keep skin looking supple and rejuvenated through continued use.

Caring for dry skin with silica

One natural component of the skin that is known to assist in increasing moisture is silica. This is a mineral known to assist in the production of collagen. As we get older, our silica levels decrease, allowing our skin to dehydrate more easily. 

This is why the Sönd have developed our products to contain an infusion of silica sourced from the mineral quartz that absorbs straight onto the skin for an instant moisture boost. In addition, it preps the skin for smooth make-up application.