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Skincare for oily skin

Skincare for Oily Skin

Oily skin is skin that produces an excess of sebum. Sebum is the normal, wax like substance that the skin produces to help keep it healthy and supple. If we produce too much, it can cause shine and problems such as blocked pores, blackheads and spots.

But having oily skin doesn’t have to mean a constant battle with shine!

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Alkaline Skincare for Oily Skin
The Right Skincare System

Alkaline Skincare for Oily Skin

pH is a measure of the acidity or the alkalinity (the opposite of acidity) of a substance. You may remember doing experiments with yellow litmus paper at school to test the pH of various things.

The skin is naturally alkaline, yet most skincare products are actually acidic. To us, that doesn’t make much sense, so we created our range of skincare products to contain an alkalising complex of silica salts.

Our products support and nourish the needs of the skin at a cellular level, helping to promote healthy cell regeneration and hydrated, supported, healthy glowing skin, tackling oiliness at its root cause!

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Finding the Right Skincare

It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Trying to find skincare products that balance the needs of oily skin, without drying it out. We have acne prone skin, and know the importance of skincare that supports our skin.

That’s why we developed our range of  skin supporting skincare products, to help us and to help you. We have thousands of  skin happy customers who love their new found happy skin. When will you find yours?

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