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Your Skincare Recommendations

Skincare isn't the be all and end all for skin, but it can help! Knowing and understanding our skin, and crucially, what works best for it, can take years of trial and error. Throw acne into the mix, and we can feel helpless knowing what to do for the best.

Below is a skincare routine that our customers with acne have seen great results with.

The power of alkalinity

It’s within the deeper layers of the skin that all most essential processes occur. At this level, skin is naturally alkaline – so Sönd's products are too. Our products work within your skin's deepest cellular layers to support healing and regeneration.

Keep skin well hydrated

Promote the body’s normal pH for optimal cell function

Boost the skin’s natural defences

Strengthen the connective tissue that keeps skin supple

Your Skincare Routine

At the core of our range lies this powerful trio that work together help you achieve healthy happy skin.

Rebalance and Reset Cream Cleanser

A customer favourite for a reason, our Clean Slate Cream Cleanser uses shea oil and cocoa butter to swiftly ease away makeup, pollution and impurities, plus botanical extracts to soothe and calm your skin.

✓ Removes makeup
✓ Calms skin
✓ Keeps skin hydrated

Calming Hydration Day Cream

Creating a protective barrier to defend against irritants, this rapidly absorbed, richly hydrating and cleverly balancing day cream is especially beloved by those with sensitive dispositions (it's a great all-rounder for dry, oily or combination skin types, too).

✓ Keeps skin hydrated up to 72hrs

Overnight Replenishment Night Cream

Powered by Sönd's unique alkalising silica salt complex to optimise cell function and repair, and packed with argan, coconut and hemp oils to soothe and plump, this is a night cream that reaches the places others can't – completely irritation-free.

✓ Overnight nourishment

Day & Night Trio
View Day & Night Trio

Here it from our customers

We have many happy customers with acne who have started using the Sönd system of skincare and have seen visible results in their acne prone skin.

"The improvement in my skin is unreal!"

It’s still not perfect, but the difference in 1.5 months is incredible. I have been using the cleanser, day and night moisturizer every day.

My skin just looks so much less angry and stressed. I still get some spots but absolutely nothing compared to what I was getting. 


View Day & Night Trio

"After three days the redness and bumps went down!"

Within four weeks my skin had changed so much!! No more bad cystic acne, the scarring was going, and the small but deep frown lines on my forehead were gone!

I actually feel comfortable going out without makeup now! This is a brand you need to search out and try at least one product.


Day & Night Trio

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Are the products cruelty free?
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Are the products suitable for acne?
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What if I don't like the products?
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Do you use any nasty ingredients?
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Am I signing up to a subscription?
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Am I signing up to a subscription?
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