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Concentrated Ozonized Olive Oil

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Soothe flare-ups and restore your skin’s regenerative superpowers.

Specially formulated to provide quick soothing relief during periods of flare-ups and to restore calmness to your skin. Packed with ozone, this concentrated oil is particularly effective at tackling acute symptoms due to its strong antibacterial and antifungal properties.

The antibacterial power of ozone results from its ability to oxidise organic material in bacterial membranes, which weaken the cell wall causing it to rupture and immediately die.

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A Powerful Ingredient With Multiple Benefits

- Relieves and regenerates irritated, damaged and acne-prone skin

- Relieves and regenerates irritated and stressed out skin

- Strong antibacterial and anti-fungal effect

- Calms symptoms of psoriasis, eczema and acne

- Reduces symptoms of Rosacea

About Ozone


Ozone (O3) is an unstable form of oxygen making it rich in energy, and known as a ‘super Oxygen’. We simply introduce this ‘super Oxygen’ to the highest quality, skin-loving olive oil, creating our Ozone oil.

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Combining refined olive oil with ‘super Oxygen’ creates something greater than the sum of its parts – ozonide, which is able to deeply penetrate the skin’s layers and release the active oxygen directly in the tissues that enables cellular respiration.

It is a very effective for anti-ageing and creates a healthy glow. Ozonides also accelerates the wound healing process, meaning Ozone Oil can help with acne, scarring and spots.

How to Use

Use as an intense treatment to soothe flare-ups, break-outs or aggravated skin.

Apply a few drops of oil and massage gently until completely absorbed. Use up to three times per day.

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Powerful natural ingredients. No hidden surprises.

Our products are created using gentle formulations made with powerful, natural ingredients. We're free from ingredient 'nasties' and we never have and never will test on animals.

✘ Parabens
✘ Phenoxyethanol
✘ Petrochemicals
✘ Detergents (SLS/SLES)
✘ phthalates
✘ preservatives
✘ formaldehydes

No paraben, No mineral oils, No animal testing
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Full Ingredients List

Ozonized Olea Europaea Fruit Oil