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"Leaves my skin feeling incredibly fresh and gives it a beautiful natural glow."
- Bee

Treat yourself to an intensive detox! Clear out toxins, bacteria and heavy metals for clearer, brighter skin.

Purifying Clay Face Mask

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Clearer, cleaner, brighter skin.

Treat yourself to an intensive weekly detox, and feel renewed with clearer, cleaner and brighter skin.

Detox and purify your skin with this exfoliating zeolite and bentonite clay face mask. Absorbing toxins and replacing them with healthy minerals for a clearer, more radiant complexion.

Sond Face Mask

What's included:

Clay Face Mask
Bamboo spoon
Bamboo bowl
Bamboo brush
2 x Washable hemp face wipes

How to use

Use the bamboo spoon to put two heaped spoons of clay into the bowl.  Add water to make a smooth paste and apply to face with the brush provided. Leave to dry for 10 to 15 minutes before removing with cool water and face wipes. 


No paraben, No mineral oils, No animal testing


Zeolite, Bentonite