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"An incredibly insightful book that is filled with actionable items I could do to improve my health." 

- Netti D


Reboot Your Health

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Improve your health with simple, easy to do science backed natural solutions.

Your body whispers before it shouts. Are you even listening?

Do you know what each organ does? How the different body systems relate to each other? How your mind affects your physical body? With so many of us developing health issues as we age, this is a DIY manual that gives you the tools to work out exactly what’s working - and what’s not.

This book offers simple but easy to do science backed natural solutions, including a wide range of inexpensive supplements, therapies and cutting edge technology. You’ve only got one body.. if you don’t look after it, who else will?

reboot your health
Sara Davenport

About the author

Sara Davenport has been working in the health field for nearly 35 years. Sara founded the 'Breast Cancer Haven' a cancer charity which is now the second largest breast cancer charity in the UK.

Sara is passionate about helping people educate themselves and learn how they can take back responsibility of their own health.

Reboot Your Health