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The Sönd Ambassadors


 The Sönd Brand Ambassadors are a collective of unique, educated individuals that are here to help you with advice, tips and help with all the areas of your life that impact your skin. 

Be your Best you.

We know there is so much more to having healthy, happier skin than just a great skincare routine. Looking after your skin’s health is also about paying attention to your body and mind, and making changes to improve. 


We believe there is no one size fits all guideline on how to live a happy, healthy lifestyle - everyone is so different! We do believe however, in helping others chose their own path to healthier lifestyles through inspiration, positive encouragement and advice. 


We are on a mission to provide our customers with suggestions to help them create their own version of a healthy lifestyle, tailoring their journey to what suits them best. 

our ambassadors

Healthier skin

Skincare Specialist

Claire’s vast skincare experience makes her the ideal Sönd skincare specialist as it covers the full spectrum of every skin type.

Glowing skin

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Isabel Sharkar is a firm believer in the principal 'Let food be thy medicine' and is passionate about empowering her patients through knowledge and education.

Hydrated skin


Stress can have a huge impact on our skin, and Dr. Mimi-Goess knows that skin itself can be a huge source of stress for some.

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