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Why Is My Skin Dry?

Dry skin results from a lack of oil in the skin, which leaves your skin unprotected. Dry skin can feel itchy, taut and uncomfortable, it can also appear to be rough and red. On a more positive note, you are less likely to have acne or blocked pores if you have dry skin.

Skin may be dry for a variety of reasons including genetics. Your skin may also become drier as you age. Using overly harsh skincare products or scrubbing the skin overly thoroughly may also worsen dry skin. Dry skin may also worsen during the winter when the air becomes cooler and central heating is in use.

Establishing a good skincare regime including regular cleansing and moisturising is the best way to manage dry skin. We would recommend regularly applying moisturising products that will provide essential hydration and protection to your skin.

Sönd Skincare for Dry Skin

Sönd Energising Mineral Supplements

Our Energising Mineral Supplements can be taken daily to boost your skincare routine for dry skin.

Formulated with mineral silica, taken daily the supplements contribute to the increase of silica levels to encourage beauty from within.

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Sönd Hydrating Face Spray

Our Hydrating Face Spray acts as both hydration and a primer for moisturisers, making it ideal for dry skin.

Providing instant and long-lasting hydration, the Hydrating Face Spray is a lightweight and refreshing moisture boost that’s gentle and soothing on sensitive or irritated skin. The silica encourages skin to retain and regulate moisture while also working to reduce any inflammation that may be caused by dryness.

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Sönd Replenishing Face Oil

Our Replenishing Face Oil locks in moisture and provides much needed nourishment to dry skin.

Restoring suppleness and radiance to dry skin, it’s formulated to soften your skin with silica and coconut oil, leaving it feeling nourished. As silica is also an anti-inflammatory, it will soothe and ease the discomfort often felt with dry skin.

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