Do you feel like you have tried every skin skincare product to soothe acne skin?

Finding the perfect skincare routine is difficult - countless samples, transactions, recommendations… throw acne into the mix and it can feel impossible to know what to do.

Our skincare for acne takes a different approach that has allowed our customers to get radical results.

Addressing the cause of acne, not just the symptoms

Our alkaline skincare products are not temporary fixes - they promote the natural environment the skin needs to function at its best, regenerate effectively and allow it to become healthier and stronger over time.

Your skin is naturally alkaline (apart from the top layer which is made up of dead cells) and yet most products are acidic. We use alkalising natural silica and salts (himalayan salt, dead sea salt) to support your skins natural alkaline state. These salts are also effective at killing the acne bacteria and soothing skin.

Experience reduced redness, reduced dry skin & reduced breakouts

Customers with acne and cystic acne prone skin have seen incredible results with the Sönd system. Regular feedback includes reduced redness, reduced dry skin, reduced irritation and reduced breakouts.

We know that acne brings with it a lot of emotional baggage. Acne can impact confidence and the way we live our lives. We want to help people feel happy in their skin as well as with their skin.

Watch the video to hear our customers skin stories.

Five steps to acne free skin

We keep things simple. Instead of infinite product options, just five versatile, powerfully gentle products that will give you skin you’re happy to be in. Not only that, our customers say ours are the best combination skincare products they’ve tried

Our recommended routine for acne management is as follows:

Clean Slate Cream Cleanser

Our Clean Slate Cream Cleanser has active ingredients of chamomile and marigold, which cleanse and remove bacteria without stripping the natural protective barrier of your skin.

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Sidekick Day Cream

This day cream contains our alkalising silica salt complex that will support your skins regeneration as well as reduce the acne bacteria and inflammation. This day cream protects your skin's barrier using Pentavitin helping your skin retain its moisture.

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Midnight Feast Night Cream

This night cream uses our silica salt complex to support your skin's natural alkaline state and regeneration processes which happens while you sleep. Using argan, hemp and coconut oil this cream nourishes your skin and fights free radicals with natural antioxidants.

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Strength Training Serum

If your skin is in need of additional hydration this serum is for you. Supported by our silica salt complex to support the skin's regeneration, this serum contains hyaluronic acid to provide additional strength to the skin's barrier and increased hydration. Using Colla-gain this serum reduces the appearance of wrinkles and increases the skins density.

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Jump Start Silica Supplements

Our skin is built from the inside out so we take a dual approach. Our silica supplements are filled with vitamins and minerals required for healthy skin. Silica increases the bonding properties of proteins including collagen to increase the strength of the connective tissue.

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