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Understanding Acne

Knowing the possible causes of acne is helpful in understanding how best to treat acne, depending on the type of acne we have.

But overall, we believe in a whole body, holistic approach to taking care of acne prone skin, to help both address the underlying causes and treat the visible symptoms of acne.

Treating Acne

Treating acne is different for each one of us, as we all have beautifully unique skin. Sometimes, topical treatments for acne can be helpful, and these include benzoyl peroxide gels, topical retinoids and antibiotics and in some severe cases, ointments such as isotretinoin.

For other people, oral acne medications can be beneficial. Acne medications vary from the oral contraceptive pill to long courses of antibiotics or specific medications such as Aldactone.

But the options for treating acne naturally are plentiful and tend not to cause the side effects (such as blistering and peeling) that topical and medical approaches to acne can cause. Eating healthily, managing stress, balancing our hormones and using the right skincare products can all have a significant effect on the severity of our acne. Certain vitamin and mineral supplements can also be useful for managing acne.

Managing Your Acne

Managing your acne might feel like a daunting task, but with the right skincare, any medications or topical acne treatments you choose to use and a healthy lifestyle, it is possible to keep your acne prone skin under control.

Book a Skincare Consultation

Having a skincare consultation with a skin specialist will be helpful for you to ascertain what could be causing your acne and how you could go about managing it or even clearing it up for good.

Our skincare consultant Josie Walsh, offers skin consultations. If you are interested in booking one, please enter your email address in the box below.

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