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Acne on your jaw? Here’s why!
The causes of jawline acne are varied and include the new phenomenon of the wearing of face masks and coverings and the age old problems of fluctuating hormones and stress. 

Hormonal acne causes and treatments
Hormonal Acne Causes and Treatments Acne has a reputation for being a young person's problem. In fact, acne may develop at any time after puberty u...

What foods cause acne?
In this Article Does Dairy Cause Acne Can Whey Protein Powder Cause Acne What About Dairy Alternatives? Can Soya Milk Cause Acne Does Chocolate Cau...

New Product Alert - Introducing Our New Breakout Roller!
Packed with the usual skin nourishing ingredients we’re proud of, our new Breakout Roller is designed for acne breakouts, as they happen. So here’s the lowdown on what it does, what it contains, what it doesn’t contain and why you need it. 

Food Allergies: How Can they Affect Our Skin?
If you have a food allergy, then you’ll know the seriousness of the symptoms that can be caused if you accidentally consume a small amount of the f...

How to Get Rid of Acne Skincare Routine
Unlike many faceless skin care brands that cater for your type of skin, we do things differently here at Sönd. We understand the workings of the skin, especially skin that’s prone to acne or any other distressing skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema or psoriasis.

What is the Best Skin Care Routine for Acne?
Having acne prone skin can feel like a constant battle between your skin and your skin care. Whilst we might do all we can to avoid our acne triggers (which might be stress, diet related or down to the weather being too humid and sweaty or too cold and harsh), finding the right skin care can be tricky.

Maskne: Is Your Covid Mask Making You Break Out?

Could your face mask be causing your acne breakouts to feel worse? Could it be causing you to experience spots and breakouts when you never have before?

Here, we investigate the impact of wearing a mask on your skin. Could it be causing spots? Or are we all just adapting to something new?

Are Clay Face Masks Good for Acne?
Clay masks are said to be good for purifying the skin, drawing out toxins and having an anti-inflammatory effect on stressed out skin. But are they any good for treating acne prone skin? Let’s take a look...

How to Fake Tan with Acne
Having acne prone skin doesn’t mean that you can’t wear fake tan, you absolutely can. Just like you might use makeup to cover up the worse of your acne, either ‘normal’ high street makeup or special camouflage makeup specially designed for covering up scarring or acne spots, you can use fake tan to help even out your skin tone.

How to get rid of chest and back acne
If you have acne prone skin on your face, you also have a higher chance of developing the condition on your chest and back. In fact, according to the NHS, around 15% of people with facial acne also have acne on their chest and more than half of acne sufferers also have back acne.

Why do I get acne when I get my period?

Why does being on our period mean that our acne prone skin becomes a pain in the proverbial? And is there anything we can do about it?

Let’s take a look at period related acne…