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Best treatments for oily skin
How to Treat Oily Skin Here at Sönd, we know first hand what it's like to have problem skin. We know that it can be at best annoying but also distr...

Perfumes and Aftershaves - Is Smelling Good, Good For You?
Perfumes and Aftershaves - Is Smelling Good, Good For You? It’s often the last thing we put on, isn’t it? Getting ready goes something like this - ...

Chemical Sunscreen vs Mineral Sunscreen
We’re not here to tell you to use one type of sunscreen over the other. Instead, we’re here to give you the facts so that you can make your own decision. 

What is Linalool in Skin Care?
On your label reading adventures, you may have come across an ingredient called linalool and wondered what it was. We’re here to tell you all about it!

What is Betaine in Skin Care?
Betaine, also sometimes known as trimethylglycine, is a naturally occurring substance that’s derived from the sugar beet plant. It’s a substance that the body requires for certain biological functions. It’s also added to skin care products to help to hydrate the skin.

What is Mineral Oil and is it Bad for My Skin?

Cheap and effective, mineral oil can help keep the skin looking and feeling moisturised and healthy. But the very mechanism by which mineral oil works can prove to have negative consequences for some skin types - by locking in moisture it can also have the unwanted side effect of blocking the pores.

Is salicylic acid good for acne?
Managing acne prone skin can be a challenge. You might have tried all manner of creams, lotions and potions to help clear up the whiteheads, black...

Ingredients Worth Travelling For
In February 2020, researchers discovered that one of the reasons that whales migrate over such a huge distance is that it’s part of their skincare ...

What is silica and why is it important for the Health of our skin?
It’s no secret that here at Sönd, we’re fans of silica. It’s the superstar ingredient in our alkalising skincare range and the key ingredient that ...

Coconut Oil for Psoriasis
In this Article Psoriasis Causes and Treatments Coconut Oil and Psoriasis Other Natural Remedies for Psoriasis Psoriasis is a skin condition and au...

What is collagen
Collagen is one of the most frequently used words when discussing skin care, anti ageing products and overall well-being, and collagen function is ...

Skin health benefits of coconut oil
The coconut is a valuable source of nutrition; its flesh and juice are rich in essential minerals and vitamins. It also contains a number of raw ma...