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Best cleanser for oily skin
Best Cleansers for Oily Skin In this Article How to Tackle Oily Skin Cleansing Oily Skin - Why is it Important How Often Should I Cleanse My Oily S...

Best treatments for oily skin
How to Treat Oily Skin Here at Sönd, we know first hand what it's like to have problem skin. We know that it can be at best annoying but also distr...

Pores: How Do You Feel About Yours?
This week it’s all about pores; the science behind them, why we need them, why they can become enlarged or blocked and what we can do to keep them healthy.

How to Take Care of Oily Skin at Night
If you’re prone to oily skin, then there are steps you can take to care for your oily skin. Here’s some top tips that will help your skin feel less greasy when you wake up each morning.

What is Mineral Oil and is it Bad for My Skin?

Cheap and effective, mineral oil can help keep the skin looking and feeling moisturised and healthy. But the very mechanism by which mineral oil works can prove to have negative consequences for some skin types - by locking in moisture it can also have the unwanted side effect of blocking the pores.

Skincare for Combination Skin
You know that feeling, when you simply can’t make up your mind? When you can’t decide if you want the pasta dish or the chicken at your favourite r...

Is it ok to use oil on oily skin?
Is it ok to use oils on oily skin? Will they make oily skin worse, or will they somehow solve the issue that can be oily skin? Will face oil clog our pores or will they help to keep our skin clear?

Best makeup for oily skin
In this article How to get flawless makeup with oily skin How to control oily skin with makeup Best foundation for oily skin Best primer for oil...

Caring for oily skin
In this article How to get rid of oily skin: A skincare routine for oily skin Oily skincare natural tips for moisturising in the changing seasons ...

Best Vitamins for Oily Skin
Having oily skin can mean that you get lost in a world of endless different products all promising to help control your shine and manage your sebum...

What is oily skin
In this article What are the characteristics of oily skin? Are there any benefits of oily skin on the face? Tips for oily skin Does oily skin ca...

Causes of oily skin
What Causes Oily Skin? Despite what we might have been told in decades gone past, oily skin isn’t caused by eating chips, as much as acne isn’t cau...