How to Get Rid Of Oily Skin


Do you want a natural glow and to get rid of oily skin? Removing excessive oil and keeping your skin free from grease is not an easy task. You may be frustrated after trying multiple products to dry out your skin and avoid that embarrassing and shiny look. But oily skin conditions simply won’t disappear despite the use of cleansers and lotions, unless you adopt the best cream for oily skin into your routine.

To choose the best acne moisturiser, you first need to understand that oily skin is caused by overproduction of unwanted sebum by the sebaceous glands. Excess sebum not only makes the skin greasy but also causes the appearance of blemishes and pimples. Other causes of oily skin include improper diet, genetics, and hormonal imbalance that induce the sebaceous glands to overreact.

Oily Skin Care Tips

Beware alcohol-containing products

Watch out for those products that contain alcohol meant to dry up oily skin. You may relax thinking that these products will dry up the oil, but end up making it worse. Alcohol dries your skin causing the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum as a defence. Acne moisturiser should not contain alcohol because this will inevitably tip the natural balance of your skin. Aim to use an acne moisturiser that doesn’t contain alcohol

Do not over-scrub

You might think that washing your face several times a day is the solution, but this is further from the truth. It dries out your skin and results in more production of oil, making the face appear even shinier. Moreover, you should stop using regular soap to wash your face. Acne scar treatment products such as Sidekick day cream from Sönd is the best moisturiser for acne hence you should use it to treat acne scars.

Avoid oil blockers

To maintain mattified skin, excess oil must be absorbed but some mattifying products available on the market block the pores. Although these products prevent the skin from becoming shiny, they do not moisturise the skin which can exacerbate skin problems.

Look at your diet

Diet plays a major role in how health your skin appears, hence to get rid of the oily skin you should always follow a balanced diet. Avoid eating foods that contain sugar or are deep fried, because they have an adverse effect on your skin. Changing diet is not easy, but you have to do it to keep your skin healthy. To keep your skin nourished, increase your intake of green vegetables and fresh fruit. This will prevent the overreaction of oil glands and ensure that they work at a normal rate to reduce overproduction of oil.

If you’re looking to transform oily skin into a silky, smooth complexion, try out Sönd day and night creams.The range’s Sidekick Day Cream can keep your skin hydrated and dry all day and then Midnight Feast Cream helps your skin deal with any late nights. Finding the right products to complement your skin can help you maintain your makeup for 12 hours, without becoming shiny.

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