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Caring For Your Skin In Cold Weather

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The combination of cold, windy outdoor weather and dehydrating central heating can take its toll on your skin during winter. Many people will find their skin becomes dryer, which can particularly affect people with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

To ensure that your skin remains healthy we would recommend adapting your skincare routine throughout the seasons to ensure that it gets the nourishment it needs. We hope the following advice will help you find out what works for you during winter.

Moisturise More

Many people find their skin becomes dryer during the winter.  If your skin is particularly dry or dehydrated you may wish to consider using a richer moisturiser during winter.  A face oil works well as it provides a protective layer on the skin, which helps it stay hydrated. To maximise the effects of moisturiser apply it straight after a shower or bath onto your damp skin, this locks the moisture into your skin.

Protect your hands

The skin on the hands is thinner than on the other parts of the body and has fewer oil glands, this means it often becomes dry during cold weather. We would recommend applying a light weight moisturiser or hand cream during the day and wearing gloves when it is very cold. If your skin is sensitive or you if have a skin condition you may wish to wear gloves lined with cotton or silk as pure wool may be irritating against your bare skin.

Eat vitamin A and vitamin C

Vitamin A and vitamin C are both great for your skin and are particularly beneficial during the winter. Vitamin A improves the hydration around your skin cells by locking in moisture, while vitamin C reduces the effects of inflammation and irritation. If you have very sensitive skin we would advise gradually introducing more of these vitamins into your diet as both these ingredients may bring about changes to the skin. 

Continue to exercise

Although it can be harder to motivate yourself to exercise during the winter it will have great benefits for your skin. Exercising regularly improves your circulation resulting in healthier glowing skin. If you exercise outdoors we would recommend applying a moisturiser with a SPF to prevent sunburn or windburn.

Avoid hot showers or baths

Avoid turning up the water temperature of your shower or bath as the weather becomes colder.  Hot water is dehydrating and may worsen dry skin

Please see our skincare pages for further advice on caring for your skin type or condition.

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