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What is a Facial Cleanser?

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Here at Sönd, we love talking about all things skin care. Be that how to look after acne prone skin or breaking down the common ingredients found in skin products. Each week we bring you more helpful information. 

We hope that you love all our content and that it helps you make informed decisions on what skin care ingredients and products might suit your skin the best. After all, we’re all beautifully unique and have our own skin care needs. 

This week it’s the turn of facial cleansers. What are they, how they work and why they’re so great for contrary or stressed out skin. So here goes! 

Aren't all face cleansers the same? 

Asking the question, “what is a facial cleanser” might seem like a pointless question, with a pretty straightforward answer, doesn’t it? Because aren’t they all exactly the same? Well, actually, as we’ve seen before, the products we use that are designed to cleanse the face are all very different indeed. 

For a start, there’s “good” old fashioned soap and water. It’s no surprise to regular readers to know that we’re not a fan of this method of facial cleansing. Soap is very harsh on the skin, stripping it of its natural oils and causing it to become dry. 

Then there’s facial wipes. Which again, we’re not fans of, because they simply don’t removeanywhere near enough dirt or makeup, leaving the skin to potentially become congested and prone to spots and irritation. 

We’ve also covered the difference between facialcleansers and face washes. A face wash tends to be a foaming face wash that can often contain soap. A face cleanser on the other hand tends to be a creamy product that contains more gentle, skin soothing ingredients. 

The benefits of using a creamy facial cleanser

As we’ve mentioned, anything that contains soap or other harsh ingredients can be quite irritating to the skin. Especially so if you have very sensitive or acne prone skin that reacts badly to certain skin care products you may have used in the past. 

The best cream cleansers contain naturally derived plant based oils and botanicals that support and nourish the skin. Some of them don’t even require much water to remove them, as using water on the face can also be quite drying. 

They nourish as they cleanse, without upsetting the delicate balance of the skin. 

The cream cleanser from Sönd

OurClean Slate Cream Cleanser is a satisfying creamy facial cleanser made from nothing but skin loving ingredients. We’ve gone against the norm, and we’ve never used harsh ingredients that strip the skin of it’s natural oils. Nor do we use unnatural, nasty chemical based preservatives that can irritate and stress the skin.

Instead, we’ve used natural plant oils such as shea and cocoa butters that gently lift away dirt and impurities. We’ve also included apricot kernel oil that hydrates the skin and seals in moisture and jojoba seed oil that helps to promote smooth skin with improved elasticity. 

None of the oils or botanicals in our cream cleanser will block the pores. Known as non comedogenic, our cream cleanser is respectful of all skin types. We developed it to suit everyone, from acne prone skin types to dry, oily and even sensitive. Those with skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and rosacea will also benefit from our super kind, gentle cleanser. 

The preservatives we need to use in our products are naturally derived from plant based sources too. Preservatives are a necessary ingredient in any skin care product that contains water (as ours do) to help prevent spoilage by microorganisms. 

They help to make your skin care products last longer on your bathroom shelf, but we don’t believe that means that we have to use harsh, artificial ingredients when natural ones work just as well. 

We suffer with stressed out, acne prone skin ourselves, and we looked high and low to find a skin care brand that supported and nourished our skin, without causing it to become even more stressed and to break out even more. 

Alas, despite trying, we simply couldn’t find the right match for our skin so we developed our own. And it was so good, that we had to make it for the masses of people with skin like ours! 

How should I use a facial cleanser?

Our cream cleanser is designed to be left on the skin for around30 to 60 seconds. Any less than this and your skin may end up withresidual dirt left behind which is bad news for your skin. Clogged pores, dull skin and spots are likely to follow! 

Use afive pence pieced size amount of our cream cleanser, and gently massage it into your skin, using clean fingers and a circular or patting motion. Leave it in contact with the skin for 30 to 60 seconds, making sure you’ve covered your entire face including your forehead, temple area, jawline and neck. 

Then remove it either by rinsing with a little warm water or by using a clean face cloth soaked in warm water (and wrung out) to gently remove all of the cleanser. It’ll take with it a whole day's worth of dirt, grime, oil, skin bacteria, makeup and environmental toxins and pollution with it. 

Our cleanser is also suitable for use in the morning to remove the dirt, sweat, oil and bacteria that can build up on the skin overnight. 

So use it twice a day and follow with ourSidekick Day Cream in the morning and ourMidnight Feast Night Cream in the evening. We also have ourStrength Training Serum and our brand newRefreshing Essence Toner that complement our cream cleanser and day and night moisturisers perfectly! 


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