Detox for Sensitive Skin

At Sönd we believe that beauty starts from the inside out. So we’ve teamed up with the wonderful Dr. Isabel Sharkar of SuperHumanEarth.com, to find out more about the effect that toxins can have on our skin and how a detox can help.

Dr. Sharkar follows the principal “Let food be thy medicine” and specialises in clinical nutrition, cleansing and detoxification. Her knowledge on the benefits of detoxing is so valuable, we thought our customers would love to learn more, so check out the videos below!

Detox Cheat Sheet

If you are stuck for time or want an easy to view Detox Cheat Sheet from Dr. Sharkar, simply pop your email address in the form on this page and we’ll email you one directly!

What can a detox do for sensitive skin?


The lymphatic system and the role it plays in detoxing sensitive skin


How to do a detox to benefit sensitive skin?