Get on a Beauty Roll with Jade Rollers

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What is a Jade Roller?

Used by the Chinese elite since at least the 7th century, in recent years the jade roller has captured the attention of beauty enthusiasts globally.

Looking a little like a paint roller, it's tipped with the semi-precious stone jade which you roll across your skin for a skin massage.


Why would I use one?

Giving facial muscles a ‘workout’, the jade roller is supposed to promote lymphatic drainage and improve blood circulation, eliminating toxins and reducing puffiness. As the jade will remain cold even when in contact with the skin, it's also been said to tighten pores.

For those of us with dark circles under our eyes, the jade roller will reduce the darkness as it helps to remove toxins more efficiently.

Other benefits are said to include; a more balanced chi, reduced sinus congestion and easing headaches and even hangovers!


How do I use one a jade roller?

    1. Keep it in the fridge: This ensures it is even cooler on the on face during use, making using the roller very refreshing and more effective.
    2. Apply a serum or oil: Make sure to use the roller after you have applied your skincare products as this will help their penetration.
    3. Outwards and upwards: When using the roller, always roll it gently outwards or upwards, so that you are flushing the toxins in the right direction
    4. Consistency: The more often you use a jade roller the more beneficial it will be.

      After you use it you should see an immediate flush in your face, and over time a reduction in puffiness and dark eye circles.


      Where can I buy a jade roller?

      There are many jade rollers available to buy in the UK, but the most popular ones here are from the brand Ying Yu, available from Cult Beauty, priced from £20.


      One of the best videos online that show you how to use the jade roller is from Susie Amy. You can take a look at her demo below.




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