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How to build a simple and effective skincare routine

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Sadly, there’s no straightforward formula for great skin. We could make an educated guess (maybe… DNA + good habits - bad habits multiplied by sun exposure divided by age, square-rooted by nutrition…?!). One thing we can control on a day-to-day basis is what we do with our outer layer each morning, noon and night.

There’s a lot of noise around skincare routines and complex, dozen-step rituals have become a badge of honour in certain corners of the internet. We’re here to help you cut through it, to create a routine that you can stick with - day in, day out. 

The three skincare must-dos

  • Cleansing - washing the skin
  • Toning - balancing the skin
  • Moisturising - hydrating the skin

That’s it. “Beauty routines are an opportunity to notice changes within yourself,” skincare specialist Kristina Holey told the New York Times. “As your skin needs shifts with age, so will your products… but it’s not about creating perfection.” These three steps should become a daily ritual if they aren’t already - why not tie it into looking into the mirror and add in some affirmations? 

Time is the essence

Skincare results are only seen through solidly consistent use - we recommend aiming to use our products once or twice daily for at least six weeks to get the full effect, and most other skincare products require the same or a little more.

Order, order

With so many products at your disposal, which do you apply first? Simple - go thin to thick. Apply them in order of the consistency of the product. For example, cleanser, then toner (if you opt for this extra step), a serum and then a moisturiser.

Clean Up Your Act

The most essential step in any skincare routine is cleansing. If you only have time to add in one element, or want to build up to a more intricate routine, start here and you will notice the difference.

Expert advice suggests washing your face twice a day (morning and evening) to avoid clogged pores, dullness and acne.

The ideal cleanser removes impurities from the skin without stripping essential, healthy oils. Take it easy with exfoliating scrubs and always avoid those with physically abrasive ingredients (crushed walnut shells are not your skin’s friend!).

Our Clean Slate cleanser uses shea oil and cocoa butter to swiftly ease away makeup, pollution and impurities without removing any natural moisture, plus botanical extracts to soothe and calm your skin.

Hannah de Gruchy BSc(Hons)

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Hannah de Gruchy is a freelancer writer who specialises in health and wellness. She has a keen interest in the biology of skin and loves using her words to help separate the real science of skincare from the pseudoscience of some skincare brands. Hannah has a degree in Human Biology and many years’ experience working in laboratories around London. Using this experience, Hannah enjoys turning complex science into interesting, engaging and easy to digest pieces to read. In her spare time, Hannah runs, practices yoga and loves cooking plant based foods.

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