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New Product Alert - Introducing Our New Breakout Roller!

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Fresh off the back of last week’s exciting announcement about our brand new planet friendly eco packaging, this week, we have another announcement! This time, it’s a new product, due to drop this week, and we know you’re going to love it…

Introducing the Sönd Clearing and Calming Breakout Roller!

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What is the New Sönd Breakout Roller?
How Does it Work?
Does it Contain Harsh Ingredients That Will Dry My Skin?
How Will it Help My Skin?
How Do I Use the Breakout Roller?

Our new and compact handbag, gym bag, desk drawer, glovebox friendly roller is about to become your skin’s new BFF. If you have acne prone skin, then say hello to quick and easy skincare on the go. Designed for breakouts and blemishes, this is like one of those aloe vera spot sticks of yesteryear, but waaay better. 

Packed with the usual skin nourishing ingredients we’re proud of, our new Breakout Roller is designed foracne breakouts, as they happen. So here’s the lowdown on what it does, what it contains, what it doesn’t contain and why you need it. 

(And if you haven’t heard about our new eco friendly, bioplastic, fully recyclable, recycled packaging yet, thenread all about it here!)

What is the New Sönd Breakout Roller?

Our Breakout Roller looks similar to those little perfume rollers that have been around for ages. So basically, a small bottle with a rollerball top. But what’s inside is far from perfume. 

Made using naturally derived, skin calming ingredients including chamomile and liquorice, it helps to ease congestion and inflammation in the skin. This allows breakouts to take some breathing space in order to chill out, calm down and fix themselves. 

The result? Clearer, breakout and blemish free skin, quicker. Because breakouts happen. And when they do, you need skin SOS. 

How Does it Work?

The new Sönd Breakout Roller is water based, making it soothing and gentle on the skin. That said, it’s not gentle on acne breakouts, as it’s still able to dissolve the oils in the pores that lead to blockages that then lead to spots and breakouts. Let us explain… 

Angry, red, inflamed skin is typical of acne prone skin, andacne has many different causes. What’s common in acne prone skin however, is blocked pores. Sebum, the wax like, oily substance naturally produced by the skin to help protect it and keep it moisturised, can become a problem if it’s produced too quickly, as is common in acne prone skin. 

This overproduction causes oily skin, and can fill the pores, essentially blocking them. This traps dirt, grime, makeup, excess oil, dead skin cells, cellular debris, environmental toxins and pollutants in the pores. 

And you don’t need us to tell you that this is a perfect storm for the development of spots and acne breakouts. That’s why it’s important toproperly cleanse and toexfoliate at least once a week, to help keep the pores clear. (OurClear Out Face Mask is also ideal, natch…) But, alas, spots can still happen. 

So, the Sönd Breakout Roller has been developed with all this in mind, along with the need for water based, gentle ingredients. It softens the skin to help clear out and unclog the pores and has a gentle, caring moisturising effect. By gentle opening the pores, it allows them to effectively clear themselves and release any blockages that have been causing breakouts. 

The chamomile and liquorice help to soothe as well as having an anti-inflammatory effect that helps to reduce the redness and angriness of inflamed skin and breakouts. 

Does it Contain Harsh Ingredients That Will Dry My Skin?

No, of course it doesn’t! We pride ourselves on only ever using naturally derived ingredients that are nothing but gentle on the skin, at the same time as being super effective. Our Breakout Roller is no different and contains chamomile and liquorice to soothe and salicylic acid and urea for their exfoliating, pore clearing effects. 

Many blemish sticks and direct spot treatments contain harsh chemical ingredients and fillers such as aluminium, chlorhexidine, siloxanes and silicone. But we’re happy to say that none of those nasties feature in our Breakout Roller. 

How Will it Help My Skin?

If you’re like us, and your skin stresses out, and breaks out, on a whim or at the slightest notion of anything remotely different or stressful, then we hear you. Loud and clear. We have contrary, acne prone skin, too. 

In fact, that’s why we started the Sönd skincare range, because we simply couldn’t find anything on the market that met our needs - as natural as possible and that worked to help clear our skin. 

So our new acne breakout stick will help you keep your breakouts under control. When you get a breakout, apply it every couple of hours and you’ll notice that your blemishes clear up more quickly than if they’re left alone with no treatment. 

Even if you only suffer the occasional breakout or blemish, keep it to hand and you’ll be able to whip it out like a skin saving legend, whenever you need it. 

How Do I Use the Breakout Roller? 

We recommend using your clearing and calming acne stick up to every two hours. To use, gently roll it onto the affected area or areas of skin and allow it to settle in to do its work. 

Meanwhile, to help keep your skin in its healthiest condition, good skincare, twice a day, is essential. OurClean Slate Cream Cleanser is ideal for removing makeup and grime in the evening and for sweeping away sweat, oil and debris in the morning. 

Follow this with ourRefreshing Essence Toner and either ourSidekick Day Cream orMidnight Feast Night Cream. Our products are alkaline, which suits the natural pH of the skin, helping to nourish hydrate and encourage healthy skin cell renewal. 

We developed our skincare range to suit all skin types, and it’s especially beneficial to those of us with acne prone, sensitive, dry, oily or stressed out skin. But we know, even with the most carefully planned skincare regime, there are times when things will go a little bit wobbly. 

Spots and acne breakouts happen to the best of us (trust us, we know only too well) and when they do, it’s best to be prepared. 

Keep your Breakout Roller on you and use it whenever you feel that familiar ache of an oncoming breakout. It’ll always have your back! 


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