The Benefits Of Hemp Oil For Skincare


Hemp seed oil - which is usually referred to as simply"hemp oil" - is extracted through the process of cold pressing hemp seeds. It is quite often left in this unrefined state, and is a clear green colour and has a nut-like flavour.

There are various benefits of using hemp oil, including helping skin become more healthy. This is thanks to its ability to act as a moisturiser, while also providing beneficial nutrients.

What are the Benefits of Hemp Oil?

Skin care with hemp oil can be received either through its consumption or topically. It will then provide the following benefits:

Hemp Oil for Oily Skin

Firstly, hemp oil helps to moderate oil production. This is because it moisturises the skin but does not clog the pores. For people with particularly oily skin, it has also been found to help by balancing out the oil production.

Hemp Oil for Dry Skin

In cases of very dry skin, the body can produce too much oil which in turn leads to conditions like acne. Hemp oil for dry skin acts by moisturising without clogging the pores it can help prevent breakouts from occurring.

Hemp Oil for Eczema

Using hemp oil for skin care has also been found to help with eczema. This is because it is rich in the concentration of both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Both of these have been found to have a beneficial effect on those suffering from eczema.

Hemp Seed Oil for Wrinkles

In addition to all its other benefits, hemp oil has been found to have anti-aging properties. It works in two ways. First of all, it will help to visibly reduce the external signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles. Secondly, when used it helps to prevent these signs from occurring in the first place. There are both linoleic and oleic acids in hemp oil and while these substances are not produced by the body, they do have anti-aging properties.

Hemp Oil For Sensitive Skin

For most people, including those with sensitive skin, hemp oil will provide numerous benefits. You can find hemp oil in Sönd's day and night creams. When it is applied topically there is a slight chance that it can cause some mild irritation.

The best way to find out if it is suitable is to apply it to a small area of skin first and wait to see if any symptoms develop. If none do, then all is fine.

How to Use Hemp Oil for Skin

When it is necessary to achieve quick results such as on an irritated patch of skin, the hemp oil can be applied directly. If it is being used to treat a condition like acne, then it is best to leave it on the skin for a couple of minutes before washing it away with warm water.

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