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The Benefits of Lymphatic Rolling

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What is lymphatic rolling?
What are the benefits of a vibrating lymphatic roller?
What is the lymphatic system and why does massage help?
How do I use a lymphatic roller?
What about your Sonic Face Exfoliator?
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Every now and again, a new beauty craze comes along and the world (or social media at least) goes mad for it. It doesn’t seem to matter how ‘crazy’ it appears, suddenly, it’s everywhere and there isn’t a celeb or influencer who isn’t having it, raving about having it or talking about how much they wouldn’t have it. (There’s no such thing as bad publicity, right?)

Kim Kardashian and her blood fuelled vampire facial is a case in point. So are 2018’s halo brows and yellow blusher. Probably the less said about them, the better.

But other times, there are new beauty gadgets that catch our eye for all the right reasons. Lymphatic rolling is one of them.

We’re excited to announce that, for a short time only, we’ve teamed up with Sara Devenport of Reboot Health to offer you an amazing 15% off two new products - alymphatic roller and sonic face exfoliator (more info on that below). This duo will see your face feel less tense and taut and more bright and super clean!

So, let’s talk about the virtues of lymphatic rolling and taking your cleansing and exfoliating to a whole new level… 

What is lymphatic rolling? 

If you’ve even seen those tiny rolling pin type gadgets on your Insta feed, that are used on the face, you’ve seen a lymphatic roller. (Or you might have seen a teeny tiny baker, but it’s doubtful.)

Commonly made from jade or rose quartz, these rollers can be used tomassage the face on a daily basis to reap fabulous rewards.

However, our new lymphatic roller has been pimped up, to make it even more effective! With a small vibration, this lymphatic roller is used in the same way as other types, but passes a gentle (we promise) electrical current into the skin, to make those benefits truly reach skin deep.

Lymphatic rolling is different from dermarolling, which uses devices with tiny needles to puncture microscopic holes into the skin.

Dermarolling,also known as microneedling, is usually recommended for evening out the skin tone to help reduce superficial acne scarring and areas of hyperpigmentation. It works by stimulating the production of collagen and is best carried out by skilled skin professionals.

Lymphatic rolling on the other hand doesn’t penetrate the skin, and therefore doesn’t sting. Plus, it can be done safely at home on a regular basis. 

What are the benefits of a vibrating lymphatic roller?

Our lymphatic roller is great for releasing tight muscles and tension in the face as well as stimulating the muscles to keep things tight. Think of it as a workout for your face muscles, toning and tightening with each use.

Using it for a minute or so each day can help to restructure the tissues under the skin that lead to sagging jowls and a droopy neck. It has a slight curve to it, which means that it fits the contours of the face perfectly, including along the jawline.

When you use it, you’ll notice the skin appear fresher and brighter as it stimulates the blood flow under the skin.

And, we think most excitingly, it helps to reduce the appearance of those oh-so familiar deep lines that form between the brows and the droopy bits that form either side of the mouth and sag ever downwards as we age. Plus, if you’ve noticed that your eyebrows seem to be getting a bit lower, then hello lymphatic rolling!

Using our lymphatic roller to release and relax the muscles on a daily basis, just like we do with our body muscles when we exercise, helps to strengthen the muscles and make them more taut.

What is the lymphatic system and why does massage help?

Lymphatic rolling has definite benefits for the skin. But why?

The lymphatic system runs throughout the whole body andforms part of the immune system. Via the lymph nodes that are situated at certain points of the body, excess fluid, called lymph, is drained from the cells into the bloodstream. What isn’t then needed, including the buildup of toxins that's normal within the body, is then excreted with the rest of our waste through sweat, urine and faeces.

Conditions such as lymphedema, which cause excessive swelling after a lymph node removal (for example as part of cancer treatment) or a lymph node swelling, can be managed by lymphatic massage. This helps to manually drain away fluids and toxins that would normally be done by the lymphatic system.

It’s now understood that lymphatic drainage of the face, or our so-called lymphatic rolling, can help toreduce swelling and puffiness. As well as stimulate the skin to make it appear brighter and less dull, as well as reducing the appearance of sagging, drooping and fine lines! 

How do I use a lymphatic roller?

Our lymphatic roller is ideal for using alongside ourSidekick Day Cream or ourMidnight Feast Night Cream. You need a little bit of lubrication on the skin to avoid pulling at the skin and potentially damaging it, so make sure your face is still slightly ‘damp’ from applying your cream as you start.

Then, switch on the gentle vibrations and, starting at the neck, gently move the curved roller upwards. Avoid the temptation to roll up and down, instead, use continual up movements.

When you’ve covered your whole neck, move from the jawline upwards to the ear and then upwards from the jaw to the cheekbones. Do this on both sides.

Then use upwards movements from the temples towards the hairline, and from the eyebrows, also up towards the hairline. Make sure you don’t neglect the area between your eyebrows where those furrow lines are often at their deepest.

The whole process should only take a minute or so, but try to do it mindfully with a relaxed face and calm thoughts. (A bit like you would be in a spa!) 

What about your Sonic Face Exfoliator?

So, we can see the amazing benefits of lymphatic rolling. So, what about our exfoliator that we promised to tell you about?

Alongside our Lymphatic Roller, our Sonic Face Exfoliator is the perfect accompaniment. It’s ideal if you have acne, dark circles, dry skin or you simply want to feel amazingly clean and fresh.

This cool little tool also gently vibrates and can be used to gently buff away dry, dull skin caused by cold, harsh weather or a buildup of makeup and skin products. It removes more deep seated dirt and makeup than just cleansing alone and it's perfect alongside ourClean Slate Cream Cleanser.

It massages and tightens the skin at the same time as cleansing and exfoliating, helping to reduce dark circles under the eyes and thoroughly cleanse the pores helping to avoid breakouts and spots.

What’s more, preparing the skin in such a way means that eye creams, serums and moisturisers can sink deeper into the skin's layers, making them even more effective.

Our Sonic Face Exfoliator has two different sides - the side with the fine silicon fronds is ideal for deeply but gently cleansing sensitive skin. Whilst the side with the thicker silicon fronds is ideal for a deeper cleanse where the skin tends to be more robust and where dirt and makeup can buildup, such as around the nose and forehead. You only need to use it for up to a minute every day to notice the difference. Bright, smooth skin, with tighter, less visible pores and fewer spots and blackheads awaits you!

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