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Water based moisturiser for your skin type

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If you haven’t tried water-based moisturisers yet, you’re in for a treat. Forget heavy creams that clog your pores, irritate your skin or seem to lose effectiveness after a few days. These moisturisers are ultra-light, but much more readily absorbed by the skin. Use our easy-to-follow guide to help you choose the best water-based moisturiser for you.

Oily skin

Many people who have oily skin find that after washing or cleansing, it feels quite dry and in need of moisturising. So they apply moisturiser, and of course, a couple of hours later their skin is super oily. A water-based moisturiser won’t feel heavy, and won’t add oil to your face. Instead, it will hydrate and provide a light base for makeup that won’t turn to oil in a couple of hours.

Water-based moisturiser for acne prone skin

It’s really important not to add to the inflammation if you have skin that is prone to acne. A moisturiser that is water-based will not inflame your skin further and can provide a protective layer. Use a non-acidic product such as Sönd’s day cream which will help restore your skin’s pH balance.

Combination skin

It’s the T-zone that causes problems when you use an oil-based moisturiser. That zone feels clogged and heavy while the drier parts of the face, such as the cheeks, remain dry. Combination skin needs to find a balance so that the difference between the T-zone and the rest of the face is minimised. A pH balanced, water-based moisturiser will help achieve this.

Water-based moisturiser for sensitive skin

The last thing that sensitive skin needs is a bunch of synthetic ingredients whipped up in a laboratory somewhere. So a moisturiser that is balanced, water-based and made with natural ingredients is essential.

At night, use a cream that contains argan oil for the face. Sometimes called “liquid gold” this is a completely natural oil from the argan tree, not a synthetic product produced in a factory.

But it's not just argan oil, there are benefits of coconut oil on the skin and face. Argan and coconut oil will both help to plump up skin during the night and when they are combined in a pH balanced moisturiser, they will help to nourish the skin during sleep. Sönd’s night cream ticks all of these boxes and is brilliant at restoring softness to tired skin.

Dry skin

It’s so tempting to smother dry skin in a heavy, oily cream. But this can actually make the dryness worse because the skin can lose its natural protective layer. Look for a water-based body moisturiser, and a good day cream for your face. Choose a product that contains silica - the natural substance made by the body that helps skin to retain water and look plumper and smoother.

Again, Sönd skincare has a great product, Sönd Sidekick Day Cream, that will rescue skin that has been subject to a harsh chemical moisturiser. Your skin will respond by recovering its natural glow.

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