Your Skin's Survival Guide For the Festive Season


Let's be realistic - very few of us will keep up with our usual healthy regime over the Christmas period. And that's absolutely FINE, so don't blame yourself for it. Festive season is meant for long nights, delicious food, and possibly one too many glasses of wine with your friends and family. 

So here are a few VERY simple and realistic tricks to stick to so your skin can thank you after the holidays: 

Keep your skincare routine simple 

You are most likely to be travelling over the holidays, whether it's for a short family or friend's visit or for a long awaited winter sunshine holiday. Make sure to stick to your skincare routine, and try to cleanse and moisturise (!!!) every day. But be realistic - you probably won't have time to do a mask or your home-facial, so keep those for after the holidays (when your skin will definitely need it).

Stay hydrated 

Drinking 8 glasses of water every day probably won't be on the top of your mind over the festivities. So instead of sticking to the "strict rule" try to have a glass of water after every meal or drink you have. This will be enough to keep your body hydrated and prevent your skin from drying out and forming fine lines.

Get that beauty sleep 

Do your best to not compromise on those hours of sleep. It will be very important over the festive period to give your body and your skin a chance to recover. So if you do go to bed late make sure you try to have a lie in and get a couple of extra hours in the morning. Dark under eye circles have never been a good look for anyone. 

Cleanse your skin properly 

You've heard this before - but we couldn't stress it enough - removing your makeup before going to bed is VERY important! If you find yourself too tiered to go through the usual cleansing routine keep some make-up wipes next at your bedside, so you can still remove the makeup and dirt from your face to avoid clogged pores. We would never recommend using wipes on a normal day, especially if you have sensitive skin, but it's better than nothing!

Have a makeup free day

If you have a free day in your busy festive social calendar - make the most of it. Have a day of relaxing, drinking plenty of water and other decaffeinated herbal teas (such as peppermint), and most importantly going makeup free. This will give your body and your face a chance to breathe and recover.

Don't forger hands and lips 

These often get forgotten, but the skin on your hands and your lips is very thin, and it is most exposed to the cold. Make sure to always keep a hand cream and a lip balm in your bad, and moisturise continuously throughout  the day. 

Relax and enjoy 

Most importantly make sure you make the most of your holidays. Relax and enjoy the quality time with your friends and family, have some nice food and wine, watch some "Love Actually" and embrace the festive season (it only comes around once a year after all). 


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