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Vodoma News

Dairy Alternatives for Sensitive Skin
Our top tips and products for dairy alternatives.

Spring Clean Your Beauty Drawer

Does it matter how long we have skin care products and makeup open for?

The Benefits of Lymphatic Rolling
Lymphatic rolling is like workout for your face muscles, toning and tightening with each use.

Helpful Phone Apps for Meditation and Mindfulness
These apps can help you stay calmer, de-stress and escape for a few moments.

Food Allergies: How Can they Affect Our Skin?
If you have a food allergy, then you’ll know the seriousness of the symptoms that can be caused if you accidentally consume a small amount of the f...

How Does Coffee Affect Our Skin?
Aside from keeping us awake and more alert, what’s the impact of drinking coffee on our body? More specifically, on our skin?

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and its Effects on the Skin
PCOS can be a very difficult condition to live with. It can cause a wide range of symptoms varying from problems with your skin to difficulty becoming pregnant.

Covid Masks and Making the Most of What’s on Show!
While wearing face masks during covid, how can we make the most of the rest of our face and hair?

Should You Mix and Match Your Skin Care Products?
If you have very sensitive skin it’s best to start products in isolation for a few days at least to ensure you are not sensitive to them

Scars: How Can I Get Rid of Them?
Can we get rid of scars on our skin? Do they fade? Does their cause impact how well they might disappear? How about our skin colour and type?

New Year, New Skin Cells!
Our skin cells are constantly renewing - how can we help them to 'renew' for the better?

How to Use a Face Serum
A face serum is a concentrated skin booster, that may resemble a face cream. However, since they contain very concentrated ingredients, they tend to be used more sparingly than a moisturiser and therefore come in smaller containers. Find out how to use them.