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Vodoma News

Chemical Sunscreen vs Mineral Sunscreen
We’re not here to tell you to use one type of sunscreen over the other. Instead, we’re here to give you the facts so that you can make your own decision. 

Skin Treatments for Sensitive Skin
Depending on your skin type or issue, especially if you have sensitive skin, some treatments may be more beneficial than others. So let’s take a look at the types of treatments commonly available in salons and learn more about the pros and cons of some common skin treatments. 

Stress Or Hormones - What’s Causing My Breakout?

Understanding what might be causing our skin to misbehave can help us manage things. Or at least it might help us plan things as much as we can around our periods and times of stress if we know them to be the cause of our breakouts. 

Eyebrow Treatments for Sensitive Skin
Ever your skin servant, we decided to take a look at all the various eyebrow treatments on offer and how they might impact your skin if it’s sensitive and contrary. 

The Super Skin Benefits of a Staycation
There are more benefits to a staycation than you may think - and the bonus is, holidaying at home could mean amazing news for your skin. Here’s why a staycation is good for our skin

Vitamin D, Sunshine and the Skin
The fact that it’s now sunnier got us thinking about vitamin D. We know it comes from the sun, but how much sun should we have on our skin before it becomes dangerous? Let’s take a look at the benefits (vitamin D) and risks (sun damage) of that glorious feeling of sunlight on our skin. 

The Sönd System
So how many steps should we be adding to our skincare routine? The answer is really up to you. Here at Sönd we have all the products you need for a multi step skincare regime, but how many of them you use is entirely your choice. 

The Most Famous Brand Reinventions!

Hopefully it hasn’t escaped you, but if it has, we’ve recently had quite a significant change around here - we’ve completely  changed our packaging from plastic not fantastic, to eco friendly recyclable packaging made from recycled plastics and bioplastics.

New Product Alert - Introducing Our New Breakout Roller!
Packed with the usual skin nourishing ingredients we’re proud of, our new Breakout Roller is designed for acne breakouts, as they happen. So here’s the lowdown on what it does, what it contains, what it doesn’t contain and why you need it. 

Spring Ready Skincare
So how do we care for our skin in the spring? Does the change in weather and the environments we’re in mean any difference to our skincare regimen and products? Let’s find out… 

Do My Skincare Needs Change Postpartum?

Pregnancy, post pregnancy and breastfeeding can all also influence how our skin behaves, and is again down to hormonal control

Skincare While Pregnant - Do I Need to Do Anything Differently?
Our lovely fans come to us a lot with questions about how best to treat their skin. We’re known as a bit of an oracle (*blush*) when it comes to ca...