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How Long Should I Wait Before Trying New Skin Care Products?

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When we’re browsing the skin care aisles of our local pharmacy or online when we’re visiting our favourite (or discovering a new) skin care brand, it’s easy to get lured in with all the promises. 

From the ubiquitous and familiar anti ageing promises to the newer promises of a product revealing dewier, glowier, more radiant skin with fewer pigmentation problems, fine lines, wrinkles and sagging, we’re promised it all. 

But how much of it do we believe? And more importantly, how long do we give it before giving up and trying another product (or different brand altogether)? 

We all know deep down that the latest anti ageing skin care product isn’t going to make us wake up the next morning looking ten years younger. Even if we do secretly hope this will happen, we know that really, face lifts and surgeons scalpels aside, this isn’t the reality. 

The same thing goes for skin care products designed to help support the needs of contrary, non conformist skin. Skin that’sprone to acne or other skin conditions such aspsoriasis orrosacea requires specialist help to allow it to react more calmly. 

So how long do we give these kinds of products? In this instance, we might see a marked improvement straight away if our skin is reacting less angrily to what we put on it. But even in these cases, it takes time for our skin to truly adjust and tell if it likes a product or not. 

How long then, if not overnight, should we wait before we try a new skin care product or range? Do we give it days, weeks, months or even years? 

As ever, we did the research so that you don’t have to. Here’s what we found...

How long to wait to see if skin care products work

As with so many of the topics we talk about here, there is no one, definitive answer to this question. Why? Well, because, as we always say, we each have our own skin type. Each one of us is beautifully unique and our skin is the same. No two skin types are exactly alike. 

This means that whilst your skin might take months to get used to a new skin care product or ingredient, your best friend might notice their skin adapts well (or not so well) within a few days or weeks. 

That said, as a general consensus, dermatologists tend to agree that we all need to give a productat least a month to see what benefits (or otherwise) it will bring to our skin. This is all down to the rate of the turnover of our skin cells. 

What is skin cell turnover?

Our skin is made up ofseveral different layers, all with their own form and function. They might all be different, but they all have one thing in common - they’re made of cells. In fact, our entire body is made up of cells. Heart cells make up the heart, lung cells make up the lungs, skin cells make up the skin and so on. 

Every single type of cell in the body undergoes a process of renewal, and in the skin, the skin cell renewal cycle isroughly 28 days. This means that new skin cells are produced deep within the lower layers of skin. They gradually work their way upwards towards the outer layers of skin, pushing older cells upwards in the process. 

As older cells work their way upwards, they push even older skin cells towards the surface of the skin, where we then wash and exfoliate them away. Hence whyexfoliation leaves the skin looking brighter, since it’s removed all the old, dead skin cells away to reveal plump, fresh skin cells. 

Therefore, the skin really needs at least one 28 day cycle in order to respond to a new product. Before this time, your skin could simply bepurging, rather than breaking out if you are experiencing any new breakouts. 

Is one month enough to try skin care products?

Ideally, skin care products should be given three whole skin cell renewal cycles, that is, three months. 

This will give you enough time to see if the product or regime is benefitting your skin type. You can then decide whether or not to continue with it, as luckily, average sized containers of cleansers and moisturisers will last around three months. 

This three month rule applies to skin care products that promise cosmetic benefits such as promising to make the skin appear more youthful, as well as those withmedicinal benefits such assupporting acne prone skin

Simply moisturising skin with a standard skin moisturiser will make it appear more hydrated and glowy. But reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, or boosting collagen levels within the skin takes more time - up to three months before you may notice a difference.

The same goes for supporting skin that might be prone to acne or a skin condition such as rosacea or eczema. Sadly, there is no overnight fix or secret to the best, most clear skin. It takes time and effort, and finding the right skin care. And sticking with it for a few months to see how well it might work for you! 

If whilst using a new product you experience symptoms or side effects that are very uncomfortable however, then it’s best to give up sooner rather than later. Things to look out for include redness, heat, blistering, weeping, itching, broken skin and inflammation. 

Soothing, nourishing skin care with Sönd

At Sönd, we’re passionate about skin care. That’s why ourrange of skin care products is small and non mind boggling. With the plethora of choice out there, especially for stressed out skin it can be confusing and overwhelming knowing what to do for the best. 

So here, we do things differently. We developed our skin care to support the needs of all skin types, because we have stressed out, acne prone skin ourselves and we knew there wasn’t anything out there that suited our skin’s needs. 

We developed our cleanser, day and night moisturiser, serum and new face mask to suit our skin. And that means it suits yours too, since you’re on the website of a skin care company that specialises in products for contrary skin, just like yours.  

Our hero ingredients in each of our products are our uniquely alkalising silica salts. Designed to nourish and support non conformist skin, we promise you, if you haven’t used Sönd products before, you haven’t used skin care like it. 

We also promise you, that you’ll see radical results as our products work within thedeepest layers of the skin. They support the regeneration of new skin cells and the healing of sensitive, acne prone skin. 

But don’t just take out word for it. Read ourSkin Stories to discover how we’ve helped to dramatically improve the skin of people just like you who simply couldn’t find a regime that worked for them. 

So go on,give us a try. Within a few weeks you’ll notice the difference. Trust us, we’re talking from experience, and lots of it! 



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