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Benefits of argan oil for skin

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Benefits of argan oil for your face
Argan oil for the skin on your body
How to use argan oil on your face

Can you use Argan oil on your face? The answer is: definitely, yes. The oil is smooth and golden and has been customarily used in Morocco for beauty and culinary purposes for centuries. The main reason why it has gained fame is that it has a rich blend of the ultimate skin nutrient vitamin E, antioxidants and the essential fatty acids. With all these components, argan oil benefits the skin when used properly.

Benefits of argan oil for your face

Argan oil is best known for its skin moisturising ability. It hydrates and softens the skin. The high fatty acid and vitamin E content make the oil a perfect product for naturally boosting the skin. The oil is non-greasy, non-irritating and absorbs easily, hence its natural moisturising ability. This also helps treat dry skin problems.

Argan oil also gives your skin a youthful glow and it reduces the visibility of wrinkles. It has antioxidant effects that give it the power to make the skin look younger. The oil generally restores elasticity and this makes the skin feel plumper and softer.

Argan oil soothes afflicted skin and boosts healing. Acne commonly results from oily skin. However, Argan oil is not greasy and, therefore, helps balance the skin by giving it natural moisture. The antioxidants in the oil also help in healing damaged skin cells, as well as reducing inflammation.

The benefits of argan oil on your face are endless. Argan oil is a remedy for dry, cracked and sore lips. A few drops of the oil rubbed on the lips ensures they are soft, supple and plump.

Argan oil for the skin on your body

This oil offers plenty of benefits to your face, but this does not mean that it is only used for the face. The benefits it gives to the skin on your face apply to the skin on other parts of your body too. The good thing about Argan is that it works perfectly for all types of skins. It is generally safe.

This oil has softening properties which are perfect for cracked, hard skin on the feet, dry hands and brittle nails. As it moisturises and softens the skin, the hands and feet get supple and soft, while the nails become strong and healthy. Argan also reduces itching and flakiness all over the body.

For pregnant women, stretch marks are common. However, Argan oil is ideal for protecting against sagging puckered skin and stretch marks after birth. This oil increases the skin’s elasticity with the help of its high vitamin E content. Using the oil around the areas that are most likely to be affected will reduce the effects of unsightly stretch marks.

How to use argan oil on your face

When using Argan oil on your face, simply smooth a few drops on your skin and rub gently across the face. The process is easy and is done just like you would do with any other beauty product, like Sönd's night cream. The oil can also be used regularly without any negative side effects on the skin.

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