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Best moisturiser for really dry skin

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Dry skin is skin that is under stress, so when you’re trying to remedy it, you need to make sure that what you do isn’t going to make the problem worse.

Some skin care products for dry skin contain harsh ingredients that may actually aggravate a dry skin condition. Others upset the skin’s natural pH balance, and it may take a lot of love and care to restore your skin’s equilibrium. If you’ve been treating your dry skin with unsuitable ingredients over a long period, a standard dry skin moisturiser may not help. Read on for help with treating your dry skin.

How to get rid of dry skin safely

First, be kind to your skin. We all love holidays, but too much sun, salty sea water and alcohol can all take their toll. In winter, your skin’s enemies are dry rooms, central heating, cold weather and wind.

We’ll get to a restorative night time and day time regime shortly, but first, some dry skin hacks that will help when you’re away from home.

On the beach, try not to sit in a hot, dry wind - use a hat to shade your face from both sun and salt breezes. If you are using sunscreen, apply it to your face and other very dry areas before swimming - not just for sun protection but also to stop the salt water combining with the sun to leach any remaining moisture out of your skin.

In winter, try to avoid sudden changes of temperature - not always easy, but for example, you could try turning down the central heating half an hour before you leave the house, so that you don’t go from a furnace to a fridge when you step outside. These types of extreme temperature contrasts aren’t kind to skin. A soft scarf can save your skin from a lot of exposure to the elements, so maybe a nice cashmere one should be top of your Christmas gift requests.

Use a day and night cream that works with your skin

The best moisturiser for extremely dry skin is one that can gradually bring it back into balance. A measure of the acid/alkali balance in the skin is known as a pH. Cosmetics, harsh moisturising creams and weather can all push this balance out of alignment, decreasing alkali, and increasing acid - which can cause the unpleasant symptoms of dry skin.

Opt for alkali balancing skincare, such as Sönd’s day and night creams which will hydrate but not irritate. They also do the best body moisturiser for dry skin in other problem areas. Our creams are formulated to gently restore alkaline pH balance so that the skin can begin to regain normal function.

Dry skin can be treated - just be kind to it. A lot of promoted products have ingredients that sensitive skin will react to, and also have a layer of greasy film that does nothing to help the skin. Try kinder skin care products and you should find your dry skin responding beautifully.

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