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Best moisturiser for men

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Over recent years, the men's skin care industry has enjoyed significant growth. Indeed, an increasing number of men are beginning to acknowledge the benefits of a robust skin care regime and embrace high-quality skin care products, which can help to keep their skin feeling soft, youthful and full of life.

While a rounded skin care regime will include a number of different products, ranging from cleansers to anti ageing creams, one of the most important additions is a top of the range facial moisturiser. This is especially important for men, for a number of different reasons, including regular shaving, which can leave skin feeling irritated.

In this article, we take a closer look at the importance of adopting a good moisturising face cream as part of a daily skin care routine, and examine the best products for men to use in order to combat dry skin, sensitive skin, signs of ageing, dark spots and a variety of additional problems.

Understanding mens skincare

While men's skin care products now enjoy great popularity around the world, this mainstream acceptance of male grooming is a relatively recent phenomenon. Nevertheless, younger men have grown up in an age where men's skin care regimes are encouraged and many older men have also embraced this revolution.

However, with skin care traditionally being a female dominated area, the modern trend for male grooming has also challenged the industry itself. After all, while the basic reasons for skin care are the same regardless of gender, men's skin is different from women's and lifestyle factors mean it is often treated very differently too.

For example, generally speaking, men's skin is thicker than women's skin and they are also more likely to have oily skin, due to the fact that men produce more sebum. Moreover, many men shave every day, or several times a week, and this can make the skin more susceptible to issues like dryness, irritation and razor burn.

Ultimately, this means that men need to obtain cosmetic products that are designed to help the particular challenges their skin faces. At the same time, men need to pay careful attention to the ingredients contained within these products, and ensure they are suitable for specific skin types and likely to produce the desired results.

Recommended mens moisturisers

Ideally, because of the heightened levels of sebum production, which can result in oily skin, men need to seek out an oil free moisturiser, which can be easily absorbed, which will leave skin feeling nourished and hydrated, and which will not damage sensitive skin, or strip the skin of any of its essential oils.

For this reason, it is important to stay away from products that are overly acidic or made with harsh chemicals. Where possible, it is best to opt for skin creams that are alkaline based, with a pH score above seven, as this promotes the ideal environment for skin cells, and will not damage the skin's natural protective barrier.

Sönd Sidekick Day Cream is formulated with shea butter, silica and pentavitin, and these ingredients combine to provide long-lasting moisture to the skin, keeping dry skin at bay. The product also contains pomegranate extract, which has the kind of anti-inflammatory properties necessary to combat razor burn.

This product combines perfectly with Sönd's Midnight Feast Night Cream, containing coconut oil, hemp oil, organic argan oil for face and sunflower seed oil. These ingredients are effective for soothing skin irritation, nourishing dry skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and the other common signs of ageing.

Adopting a rounded skincare regime

The best moisturising products are used as part of a robust, rounded skin care regime, which provides protection against all the wear and tear that men's skin faces on a daily basis, while also producing the desired results in terms of anti ageing effects and making skin appear healthy, well nourished and protected.

A good skin care regime should include the use of a cleanser in both the morning and night. The Sönd Clean Slate Cream Cleanser is the best cream cleanserand is ideal for this purpose. After using the cleanser in the morning, a day cream can be applied in order to provide additional moisture and this can then be used throughout the course of the day, as needed.

Cleanser and day cream products can then be supplemented with an effective night cream, which should be applied after cleansing, and before going to bed. Used in this way, a high-quality night cream will provide long lasting moisture and protect skin from wrinkles and fine lines caused by habitual sleeping positions. The Sönd Day & Night Trio package contains a cleanser, day cream and night cream specially formulated to work in combination.

In addition to this skin care regime, there are several lifestyle factors that can contribute to healthier skin. For instance, wherever possible, men should ensure they are staying hydrated throughout the day, eating a healthy, balanced diet and using appropriate sun protection products before spending prolonged periods in the sun.

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