MAN vs. SKIN - Vol.1: Moisturising


Why bother with moisturising?

Us women are usually pretty jealous of how you men have it - wake up, brush your teeth, put a suit on and walk out the door. However, in the past decade men's skincare products have boomed which can only mean one thing - men definitely need it too! Attitudes are changing towards men taking care of themselves, no-one likes itchy dry skin. All sorts of factors contribute to your skin drying out, whether it's high stress levels at work, lifestyle choices or environmental aspects.

Men should moisturise their skin for the same reason as women - skin is the largest organ in the human body, and it is the first line of defence you have against disease and infection. So keeping your skin healthy and strong is not only important for your comfort, but for your overall health as well. 

Everyone's skin is different, but a daily routine of hot showers and scrubbing your body with soap can remove layers of dead skin, but can also strip your skin of protective oils, which can cause the dryness and itchiness (particularly in the cold months). 

A lot of you have probably cheekily tried your wife's/girlfriend's/partner's/sister's moisturiser before. And you are not wrong for doing so. Female and mail moisturisers are often very similar products (just repackaged). However your female companion might have a very different skin type to you. Actually, physiologically men have thicker skin than women (i.e. thicker epidermis (outer layer) and dermis (inner layer), not referring to your ability to handle criticism here). Their skin also contains more collagen and elastin, which helps skin have more elasticity and helps hold it together - hence the "men age well" factor. 

Your easy 30-second moisturising routine

All in all - moisturising is worth it and the good news is - it doesn't have to be difficult at all. We promise, you won't have to spend hours every evening in the bathroom applying products.

We suggest starting with a few easy steps that your skin will thank you for later:

  • When you are in the shower, opt for warm water, rather than HOT. Hot water tends to dry out your skin. 
  • Opt for moisturising soaps. 
  • Exfoliate in the shower to get rid of the dead skin cells. 
  • Don't rub yourself with a towel, to avoid damaging your skin. Pat dry. 
  • Moisturise after the shower, to lock in moisture. 

If "moisturising" is the bit that scares you the most - don't worry. We have a solution. 

The Sönd Hydrating Face Spray is for you. 


"Great refreshing wake up every morning. Hydrating and spray format makes it much easier to use than regular creams. I would recommend to others looking for a low maintenance skin regime." - Gary


It is quick, easy and very hassle-free to apply. It doesn't contain any fragrance (meaning you won't smell like a girl) and it comes in a 100ml size spray bottle, meaning you can apply it quickly, and can also use it across your body. 

    Believe us - it will be worth it!

    Until December 16th you can get a spray HALF price when you purchase any product using the code "SPRAYHALF" at checkout. 

    Special thanks for inspirational credits to: How Stuff Works, Washington Post, Business Insider, Huffington Post, Men's Health    

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