Achieving Flawless Foundation with Sensitive Skin

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So you've got sensitive skin, but still love wearing make-up? We share our tips on how to achieve flawless foundation, with minimal irriation to your sensitive skin.

1. Prep, prep, prep

You've been told before and we're telling you again, when it comes to creating a flawless fresh face, it's all about prepping the skin. A good skincare routine will get your skin ready for the day, and create a great base for make-up. The Sönd Revitalising Face Serum will not only even out your skin texture on the day, it's also packed full of silica and sodium hyluronate which will keep your skin healthy and youthful.


2. Pick the right tools for your skin

If you have dry skin or large pores, you need to make sure you don't 'rub' your make-up onto your skin. This will drag on your skin, irritate it and create a flaky uneven surface. The trick is to use a foundation tool, rather than you hands, to gently apply your foundation for a smooth looking finish.

Beauty blender - a small sponge that you dampen and then use to pat foundation onto skin. We use our Hydrating Face Spray to liven up our blenders just before application. These are best used with a water-based foundation and give a sheer coverage.

Stipling brush - a full circular brush that you use to dab on foundation. It's quick and creates an 'air-brushed' finish. Prefect for using with all types of foundation, it gives medium coverage.

Flat foundation brush - shaped a bit more like a traditional paint brush, this will lay on foundation heavier than the others. It also offers more control and will achieve full, more flawless heavy coverage.

3. Use foundation that works well for your skin

When it comes to foundation, the choices are seemingly endless. The most commonly used method and one which gives more control, is to build on foundation where you need it. There are some excellent mineral foundations on the market now, which are great for those who wants to let skin breathe while still acheiving an even skin tone.

Mix it up - one trick we use here at Sönd is to add a couple of drops of the Replenishing Face Oil to an application of our liquid foundation. It makes a medium or heavy foundation spread more smoothly, for a sheer glowy look. It also nourishes dry skin in the process!

Conceal only where you need it - you may not need foundation, and your skin might not like too much of it. So why not just even out skin tone in areas needed with a gentle concealer. If you are using foundation, only conceal to where still needs it after you've applied foundation first.

Set with a good quality powder - a good powder will keep your foundation in place for longer, without caking on top of your skin. There are plenty of reasonable priced powder foundation, and mineral powders can be a great option for sensitive skin.


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