The Best Moisturiser For Combination Skin


We often hear about combination skin and we know that many people have this skin type, but what exactly is combination skin and how do you care for this skin type?

Combination skin is characterized by the presence of both oily and dry spots on the face and the scalp.

The T-Zone often features oily spots while the cheeks can be dry and flaky.

Finding the best moisturiser for combination skin can often be a challenge since the elements of both oily and dry skin types need to be taken into consideration. 

The best moisturiser for combination skin is, therefore, a product that balances the appearance of oily skin areas while also offering moisture to the drier areas of the face. 

There is a common misconception that oily skin doesn't require moisturisation, this is far from correct. 

Oily skin does require moisturisation but preferably with a product that doesn't add additional shine to the skin.

Products that contain glycerin and hyaluronic acid are examples of non-oily moisturisers.

Combination skin is unfortunately plagued by the problems of both oily and dry skin. 

The T-Zone of people with combination skin is especially prone to blocked pores, blackheads and acne breakouts.

The dry areas, usually on the cheeks, are prone to looking stressed, dry and flaky if not moisturised adequately. The secret then to making this skin type look healthy and radiant is using a product that is specially designed for combination skin.

Sönd has a great range of products, including products designed to care for the needs of combination skin. The range does also include products for oily and dry skin. All Sönd products are alkaline on the PH scale to allow the skin to absorb the nutrients provided more effectively. It has been scientifically proven that the optimal PH range for skin falls in the alkaline range, which is 7.1 and above on the PH scale.

How do I know if I have combination skin?

If you experience any of the following, you may have combination skin:

  • Using any moisturiser for normal skin makes your cheek area feel good, but has the effect of making your T-zone appear extra shiny

  • After washing your face, your skin feels oily in certain areas but not in others

  • You have visibly larger pores on your nose

  • The weather has an effect on how oily your T-zone appears. Hot and humid weather makes your T-zone feel extra slick

  • You experience acne flares or breakouts and scaly patches at the same time

Combination skin can be tricky to take care of which is why finding the best moisturiser to compliment your combination skin is vital. Keeping your skin moisturised is very important and is something that is often overlooked. It is also important to make sure that you use the correct product for your skin type. Using products designed for a different skin type from your own may lead to problems such as acne developing.


Dealing with combination skin in the UK can be especially difficult due to the bipolar nature of the weather. Our customers vouch for our products and class our moisturisers as the best for combination skin.

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