How do I get rid of my shaving rash?

Developing a shaving rash is annoying, uncomfortable and for many of us, embarrassing. But other than using other, often trickier, more expensive methods of hair removal such as waxing, threading or laser hair removal - most of which involve a trip to the salon - or leaving our hair to go wild, what can we go about a shaving rash?

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How to get rid of chest and back acne

If you have acne prone skin on your face, you also have a higher chance of developing the condition on your chest and back. In fact, according to the NHS, around 15% of people with facial acne also have acne on their chest and more than half of acne sufferers also have back acne.

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How to Get Rid of Teenage Acne

Our teenage years can be tough, as anyone who’s made it through will tell you. For some, these bodily changes also mean changes in our skin, which can signal the start of many years of struggles with acne spots and breakouts.

So what is teenage acne and is there anything we can do about it?

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Skincare for Combination Skin

You know that feeling, when you simply can’t make up your mind? When you can’t decide if you want the pasta dish or the chicken at your favourite restaurant. Or...

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How to Stop Picking Spots

But what about picking at spots? If you’re picking at your skin all the time to help ‘flatten out’ or smooth your skin, freeing it from bumps and spots, then you may also have dermatillomania. Most of us do this from time to time, but could picking our spots and our skin all the time be damaging, and make our skin worse? What about occasionally squeezing spots? Is that ok?

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